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Safety fundamentals and VCA diploma

Out of concern for the safety of our employees, we strive to ensure that the people we employ have a valid VCA diploma. After receiving that diploma, the employee knows how to safely do his job, which reduces the risk of accidents. This is very important for our clients and, obviously, for us. If you do not have a valid VCA diploma, we will help you get it by covering all related costs. Once received, the diploma is valid for 10 years!

Certified tools

Haldu Groep has a large warehouse with all kinds of electrical tools from Hilti that are necessary to perform work for our clients. We will provide you with them in person, we will explain how to use them and we organize toolbox meetings on certain topics. All of our tools have EU certification and are inspected every month. Our professional internal control and repair department is responsible for that. You can also ask us to check and possibly repair your own tools if necessary.