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Work clothes

The Netherlands. One day wind blows tiles off the roof and the next day it rains cats and dogs. At Haldu Groep you usually work in all weather conditions, but we will provide you with made-to-measure work clothes. Obviously each employee has their own preferences regarding work clothes. We are happy to satisfy the needs of our employees, because we have a wide range of clothing and we will provide you with them.

Choice of 1 set of work clothes

As of May 1st 2018 everyone can choose a set of work clothes that we compile once per calendar year. The chosen package is entirely donated by us with a minimum employment period of 48 weeks. In case of a shorter employment, the package is settled proportionally.

Are you new to Haldu Groep? Then you are also entitled to this starter package. You can order a package after you have worked full-time for a period of two weeks.