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Before you start working in the Netherlands, Haldu Groep will help you settle down first.

Maybe you’ve already heard about the Netherlands. Windmills, tulips and so on. But what would it be really like to live and work here? In our austere culture? Among the hard-working Dutch? But for decent money that can be sent home every week? Many colleagues from Haldu Groep have already given positive response to these questions. They dare to take the step you are considering: to work and live in the Netherlands. We have changed the disadvantages of working abroad into advantages.

First you need to get used to the Netherlands, then you can start to work

Haldu Groep works in a completely different way, we allow you to settle down in a new country first. We also let you get to know the Dutch society. Where and how do you tackle the most important matters? Where is the shopping area and where do you buy your groceries? How do you handle your financial issues? How to get help from a doctor in case of emergency? Your personal coordinator from Haldu Groep will show you the way around and help you navigate through it.

Experience the same hospitality as at home

Of course, a trip abroad and parting with your loved ones for some time is never pleasant. But at Haldu Groep you will experience the same hospitality, warmth and interest you are used to at home. Moreover, you are not the only foreign professional who decides to travel to the Netherlands and work for Haldu Groep. There are more people like you. This means that you will have contact with other people from foreign countries. Starting day one you will make new friends. Some of them may become friends for a lifetime.

Live like the Dutch: conveniently and with all standard amenities

Haldu Groep invites you to come and work in the well-structured Dutch society. First of all we care about how you’ll live during your stay in the Netherlands. We devote a lot of time and effort on your accommodation. We do not perceive your place of housing as a necessary evil where you return to after a long working day. Haldu Groep believes that it is your right to llive as the Dutch live: comfortably and with all standard amenities. That is why we provide you with housing in the highest class apartments with your own bed.

Within the Dutch society
The housing in which you will stay is not hidden away from people, but it’s right in the centre of the Dutch society. Your apartment gives you comfort, space and peace. All houses are carefully furnished. The equipment includes kitchen utensils, a vacuum cleaner, a television set and other basic appliances.

Commuting to work
Your place of accommodation will be as close to your place of work as possible. We always try to find housing near the construction sites, so you never have to commute too long.